Review: Star Wars Battlefront (2015)


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Beautiful environments, great feel with movement, and super fun to play with a partner online. Battlefront’s additional music is a fantastic salute to John Williams that blends right into his original score for the films (I – VI). Gordy Haab nailed it in style and orchestration, super cool stuff.

I’m not into these Season Pass things (yet) and no need to purchase it for Star Wars: Battlefront to have a challenging and fun go at the game (maybe the price will go down for it near the end of it). It’s definitely cool stuff though when they do trial sessions of it once and awhile.

Great to explore the environments you know from the films so well (IV – VII), details, storytelling even in the background – Star Destroyers crashing, debris falling from the skies, dogfights whirring above. Lighting adjustment when coming out of dark hallways and caves and weather are all fantastic and pull you into the film-like experience. Sweet extra coolness: the Gungan Grand Army Shield sound with the Squad Shield Power-up. Good stuff Dice and EA and everyone involved.


  • Luke's Score (Online)
  • Luke's Score (Offline)

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