Review: Halo 5: Guardians (2015)

Halo 5 Art

Platforms: Xbox One

I was pumped to play this one, which came with my console and is what primarily drove my purchase. The fantastic music (Jinnouchi and Todo) and art direction (by Sparth) pull you into Halo 5’s world and help create an enjoyable ride alongside your fireteam throughout the story. I’m a terrible FPS player and didn’t enjoy the multiplayer (Star Wars: Battlefront is more my speed/level), but if you are an Xbox owner, definitely pick this up for your library. Though I know little about Halo lore, this was a solid first entry into it for me, and I played through the entire campaign (and last time I played Halo was in the LAN party days of CE and 2). Cheers to 343i, felt like I was jumping into an old school serial adventure (Star Wars, etc.).

After finishing this one, I tried to play through the Master Chief Collection but found those less interesting and put them down.

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